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In 2011, the College of Mathematics was established independently. It can be traced back to the Department of Mathematics in Taiyuan University of Technology.

The College of Mathematics consists of the Department of Mathematics, the Department of Information and Computing Science, the Department of statistics, the Instruction Center of Mathematical Basic Courses, the Center for Mathematics Experiments and the Research Institute of Mathematics. At present, the College of Mathematics offers 3 undergraduate programs: Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Information and Computing Science, and Statistics. It offers 2 master's programs in first-level disciplineMathematics and Statistics. In 2012,the College was approved to independently establish 1 doctoral program in second-level discipline:  the Dynamics of Biological system. In 2015,it was authorized to establish 1 interdisciplinary doctoral program: Data Science and Technology .In 2008, the Applied Mathematics was listed as the key supporting discipline of Shanxi Province, and upgraded to the key discipline of Shanxi Province in 2016. In 2018, Mathematics was classified as the key construction discipline of Shanxi Province. There are 793 full-time undergraduate students and 162 graduate studentsincluding 5 international students.

At present, the College of Mathematics has a faculty of 116, including 18 professors, 35 associate professors, 6 doctoral supervisors and 40 Master supervisors. There is 1 outstanding Teaching Team of Shanxi Province, 5 Teaching Masters of Shanxi Province, 1 Academic and Technical Leader of Shanxi Province, 9 Outstanding Academic Leaders of Colleges and Universities in Shanxi Province, 3 Outstanding Backbones for Sanjin Talent Project”in Shanxi Province, and 15 Excellent Young Talents for Sanjin Talent Project” in Shanxi Province.

The college now has 5 faculty party branches and 4 student party branches, with 170 party members, including 77 faculty party members and 93 student party members.

The College pays attention to both teaching and scientific research, and has achieved excellent achievements. In 2013, 5 mathematical basic courses were rated as Provincial Excellent Resource Sharing Courses.In 2019, 4 mathematical basic courses were rated as Provincial Online and Offline Golden Courses. In 2019, the program of Information and Computing Science was approved as the National First-class Undergraduate Specialty Construction Point. The College has successively been awarded 1 second class prize for National Distinguished Teaching Materials;2 special class prizes, 2 first class prizes, 5 second class prizes for Shanxi Provincial Teaching Achievements; 3 second class prizes for the Provincial Award of Natural Science. In Shanxi Province Young and Middle-Aged Teachers (Science) Teaching Basic Skills Competition, the faculty members have been awarded  first class prize of Shanxi Province for 5 times. In the past five years, the College has undertaken 48 national scientific research projects, with a total project funding of more than 20 million yuan, and published over 200  papers indexed by SCI and more than 20 highly-cited papers indicated by ESI .

Since its establishment, with the care and support of the party and government of the university, the staff of the College have been committed to striving to promote the college to the development plan "Double First-Class (First-Class University &  First-Class Disciplines)" with full enthusiasm and high spirit, closely adhering to the college motto of "Grasp Maths, Gain Virtue, Glorify Learning, and Guarantee Practice".