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Professor Sun Chunyou of Lanzhou University was Invited to Give an Academic Report

Time:Jun 19, 2020 20:15  Author: Click:

On the morning of June 16th, Professor Sun Chunyou of Lanzhou University was invited to give an academic report entitled "Problems Related to Attractors of Infinite-Dimensional Dynamical System" through the platform of Tencent Conference. Professor Zhang Jianwen, Head of our college,presided over the report and some teachers and postgraduates participated in the onlinereport.

In the report , Professor Sun Chunyou systematically introduced the part of the motivation and the progress of the research on the problems related to attractors of infinite-dimensional dynamical system. In addition, taking the dissipative wave equation as an example, he introduced the difficulties and problems during the process of the application of the basic theory by combining with some recent research work. After the report, the participating teachers and students had in-depth discussions with Professor Sun Chunyou. Professor Zhang Jianwen expressed sincere thanks to Professor Sun Chunyou for his wonderful report.

About Sun Chunyou:

Sun Chunyou, male,a professor of Lanzhou University and doctoral supervisor. In 1999, he graduated from the Department of Mathematics of Yunnan University.In 2005, he received his Ph.D. in basic mathematics from the College of Mathematics and Statistics of Lanzhou University and he is mainly engaged in the research on nonlinear analysis and infinite-dimensional dynamical system. In 2011, He was selected into the New Century Excellent Talents Support Project. In 2015, he was granted a National Excellent Young Science Foundation.